Peace & Conflict Resolution

My research takes place in regions characterized by exceptional biodiversity and resources, but also affected by violence and conflict such as Honduras, Mexico and Colombia. In particular, Colombia has the second largest displaced population after Syria and internal conflict has forced 7.7 million people to flee their homes and farms. At the same time Colombia is one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world (first on birds and orchids).

Recently, Colombia is experiencing an interesting dynamic in the context of recent peace agreements with FARC and EPL guerrilla groups. However, reach a sustainable peace requires to identify and promote alternative value-chains that provide opportunities for people and the environment and reduce the influence of historical conflict attractors such as illegal drugs production and inequality.

Derived from my PhD work, and after understanding the scope and limitations of sustainable value chains, I actively promote and participate in initiatives such us Land Grant University Consortium for post-conflict in Colombia and advocate for specific policies and initiatives such as Cacao for Peace.

Land Grant University Consortium